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​The P.U.P.A Project is a non-profit organization that was founded to provide unlimited period aid to young girls and women in need. The Founder, Ja'lyn McElroy, mission is to break the stigma of periods in the  world while ending period poverty. Along with providing educational resources and facilitating lessons to educate young girls on transitioning to a young women.

This organization has committed its efforts to the goal of ending period poverty and providing services and creating events to educate the masses on a global scale and we promise to do all we can to break the stigma and end period poverty.


Our Goal

The P.U.P.A. Project's overall goal is to end the inhumane conditions of period poverty for all women. In pursuit of this goal, we also plan to break the stigma of female puberty and menstrual cycles by educating the masses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unlimited period aid globally to women who are experiencing the harsh conditions of period poverty. We plan to support young women during their transition to puberty and the beginning stages of their period through education and aid.


Core Values

The P.U.P.A. Project has built our organization's foundation  to provide period poverty ending aid , and to make stigma breaking strides with te following  values at our core:

Boldness, Fearlessness, Freedom, and  Unapolegetic.

Our Mission

Join the Fight To End Period Poverty.

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